about us

At the office of Gary A. Cornwall it is our mission statement and goal to provide a comprehensive array of legal services in divorce, dissolution and related family law matters that will protect the best interests of the client on both a legal and ļ¬nancial basis.

Our staff will take the time, effort and stress out of the process by explaining your rights, the remedies to your particular situation and how to align your expectations with that of the Court. In turn, this may reduce the hostility between the parties, minimize fees and costs, and expedite extracting you from the judicial process.

Unfortunately there are also cases that do not agree with our policy of alternate dispute resolution. There are those cases in which all issues are contested without thought to the cost and expense, or impact it will have on the lives of you and your family. While regretful, our office is trained to respond to these cases as well. With over 30 years of experience in litigation, we can help to traverse the trials and tribulations created in such scenarios as well. All of this shall be explained to you in the initial consultation or should you come in for a second opinion on an ongoing dissolution of marriage or divorce.

Aside from simple or complex divorce proceedings, our office is also equipped to offer services collateral to such matters. We provide services in negotiating and drafting prenuptial, post-nuptial and marital termination agreements, which can often preclude an expensive and emotionally damaging divorce. Legal representation can also be provided in pre or post-judgment modifications of child support and custody, or enforcement where necessary. These and other matters are set forth in greater specificity under our Services section.